Photos of real hair behind my chair with a brief description of my color, cut, and type of hair my client has.

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Client Photos


Beautiful auburn--

Naturally dark brown with some grey.  She has thick wavy hair ; I had to take out lots of  weight and texturize.

Icy platinum blond with a Pixy cut - -you need a consultation prior to making an appointment for this type of color.

She has medium brown thick hair.

We donated her hair to Locks for Love. (You need a minimum of 10 inches of natural hair in a dry pony tail to be able to donate.)

Beautiful cool blonds / lots of layers for body and volume in the crown

She has grey fine hair with some wave

Warm browns with subtle golden highlights.  Lots of texturizing to help blend layers.

She has some grey thick but fine hairs, straight in front and very curly in back.


There is no glam squad, makeup artist,  or professional photo shoot--just me .


Fun splashes of pink with bright blonds.

She has very fine hair.

Rich dark browns with a few bold highlights

She has naturally curly medium brown hair with some grey.

Blond highlights and low lights to

conceal  grey,  lots of texturizing to get a more pieced-out look.

A few bold highlights to help hide grey outgrowth.

Lots of texture and choppy layers to give movement.

Her color is all over golden blond with bold blond and warm brown lowlights. Her cut is very texturized with lots of over direction for a more dramatic and fun look.

She has very curly hair in back and straight in front.

Her color is all over auburn with bright red and blond highlights.

She has fine hairs but a lot of them.  I have to texturize and take out a lot of weight so she can get some lift.

Her color is all over rich chocolate brown.

Tons of texture to give this pixy movement.

I highlight with a bright blond and lowlight with medium cool brown to help conceal grey.

She has fine/med hair.

Her carmel colored highlights  give her some dimension and help hide a few grey hairs.

She has thick wavy hair.

I give her multiple tones of blond highlights to help give her hair some lift.

Her hair is fine and very resistant to curl or lift.

I color all over with a Demi-permanent dark neutral brown that fades gradually to help cover grey with out any outgrowth line.

She has thick natural curl.

Her color is all over natural brown with a touch of highlights .

She has very thick wavy hair.

I give her multiple blond tones and texturize her long layers to give her hair movement and lift.

She is all white.  I color her all over with a golden blond with a few highlights .

She has fine hairs but a lot of them, so I have to take out a lot of weight in the back & crown.

She has very coarse unruly curly hair.  When her hair is this short we take out a lot of weight on the sides and back to help smooth her look.

Her color is a warm brown with a touch of golden highlights. 

Her hair is very fine and limp.  She has  to have a perm every 4-5 months so she can her hair to curl.

Her color is light copper with blond highlights.

She has naturally curly hair

Medium auburn brown/ short pixy with soft wispy edges

She has salt and pepper coarse thick curl.

Wedding up do with a real hair Hairpiece.

Dark level 3 brown

Bright fun copper with bright gold highlights

She has natural grey curly hair

warm golden brown with golden highlights

She has fine hair with natural curl.  Layers and texturizing help it curl and lift.

Her cut was a long bob, also known as the LOB.

Full Highlight with a bright blond & a med golden honey blond

We style her very curly hair straight.

She likes her hair very pieced-out and texturized with long wispy edges.

All over med neutral blond with partial highlight.

All over warm brown with golden copper highlights /slices.

Her cut is very texturized / choppy layers.

Her color is an All over blond  level 9-10 she naturally gets lighter so I occasionally pull some lowlights to keep some depth.

Men’s grey blending only takes 10 minutes.  He is usually completely white in temples & sides.

Bold blond & warm lowlights for contrast.  She has very fine hair. Sightly angled bob looks great on her.

Beautiful bold golden blond highlights with splashes of a Coral red lowlights.

Gold and Carmel slightly chunky highlights.

Lob style cut with some soft layers so she can wear it fuller with some curl.

Bold blonds with a golden/copper brown low light.   Very texturized / layered bob.

All over Ruby red with a few bold blond blocks.

All over very light  golden brown with a heavy partial highlight.

She loves strong, bold, asymmetrical  lines which are great for her stick straight hair.

Very short version of a mens shag cut.

Level 3 Dark brown with Beautiful peek a boo bronze colored highlights!

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Beautiful Natural Curl.  Ombre style Reds-copper

Naturally curly hair.

Ombre style carmel with two shades of Chocolate brown.

All over medium blond with bright blond highlights and a couple warm brown slices for accents.

Blond Ombre


After Demi Color

Shine !

She has very thick hair. She was a dark all over level 4 brown.

  She is now a level 5 brown with lots of highlights

She has a lot of white with just a little pepper. 

I do dark cool lowlights and paint it in back to give her some depth.